El Ultimo Dia a Trabajo

It all came together in the end.

I had breakfast with my department…at 1130. Thats almost lunchtime in England. Anyway, there was SO much food. It was a feast and a half, no cunjoos with food, like in training, you could eat until you were full. There was donuts, pastries, coffee, orange juice.
So we were all talking, and they were asking if I could speak spanish, I was like yeh a little but. And they go give a speech in Spanish. So I gave on.

Gracias por todo. eso es. (thanks for everything, that is all)

Because it was in the canteen, everyone was coming and going obviously, and word spread. Our department have set the bar for a going away breakfast for the interns :p

They also gave me gifts! Yes I know, gifts! So it was a samsonite rucksack, goodbye card, scarf, pens, travel purse thingy, of course, all with the Amadeus logo on it :p

Sandra (my favourite spanish teacher) gave me a pen. 😀

I sent my farewell email to all trainees, my dept and my class teachers:

The time has now come to say Goodbye to Amadeus and Spain and head back to England to finish my studies. I will definitely miss this year that I have spent in Madrid where it has become a home away from home.

Special Thanks to

Corporate Purchasing and Group Travel Management. Miguel, Javier, Jesus, Chester, Susana, Mar, Marcos, Shunji and Carmen. Working amongst you guys has been an honour, and remember, its very important to keep the draw filled with chocolate.

My Spanish and Arabic Teachers, Sandra, Javier and Fayza, And my fellow students with special mention to Renee and Gabriella, for Wednesday lunches will never be the same again.

And of course the Trainees, who its been an incredible adventure to travel Spain with you, meeting and knowing you all.

Thank you all for making this Year Epic and one to remember forever.

So replies:

From my Senior Manager:

Hi Laila,

Great thanks for your help this year!
You are an awesome person with a bright professional and personal future ahead…in brief, a true genius in the making!
…so keep going at the university (and in life), never give up!
Never stop learning and carving your way! …wherever it leads you
be brave my friend

All the best!, Javier

An intern:

Simple and beautiful email, totally ur style!

I will miss you too! 🙂

GooDLucK & take care!

I bought mithai for work people from the butchers near work. In my heart of hearts wanted to give to the kaamwara e.g. nelly, canteen people because you know its nice. I gave to nelly she was really thankful and gave me a mango yogurt (my fav) on her. I was touched.

I went to lunch with interns. You know… a standard lunch at the Turkish place opposite the Chinese Buffet.
They have me socks! It was Anna’s idea. Too awesome for words.

So thankful for everything.

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