Day 344 – 134.06.2012 – Muchos Cosas (Many Things)

Today was an interesting day, many things happened, and many surprises.

1. I got an email from reception saying that I had a package for me. But I hadnt ordered anything so I was thoroughly confused. Turns out the package was from GO and was a belated Birthday gift. I was suprised to say the least, mainly because my birthday was 4 months back :p. But nevertheless I was very grateful. The gift was very me, and I will use all the things.

[Picture to be uploaded later]

2. Me and VD had plans from Time back for her to teach me how to make Tortilla Patatas (which is my all time favourite spanish food). Anyway went round hers after work, and I learnt. And it was so cool, and so much fun. A certain amount of Sukoon-ness. And I am very grateful for the book, very thankful, and I will use it, I promise.

[Picture to be uploaded later]

3. So breakfast this morning (Day 345), because it was my second last day I thought I would treat myself to breakfast. It was so cool, the canteen woman knew my name!!!! I have never told her my name, I dno how she knew, but thats still cool. So there was this new thing they had which was a pastry with cream/custard in it. I asked what it was (in spanish of course) she said creme y …. I dont know what she said after. But she explained it was basically just cream. It was Good. Very Good. Con ColaCao, Muy. Bi.En.

4. Improptu meal, people came when I invited them. Honoured and a half.

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