Day 340 – 10.06.2012 – Toledo

Usually, Toledo is one of the first places people visit to the town and whatnot. It happened to be my last.

Its a really nice city, really pretty, if you havent seen the rest of Spain before. Apparently Toledo was the captial of Spain at one point, and is big on Cathedrals and churches. I didnt go into any of them, mainly because I think I have seen enough for now, and in my opinion there really wasnt a need. I’m not big on Architecture.

I got abit lost just strolling, so there was some Brown (skined) man standing outside a shop, I asked him where I was on the map (all in spanish of course), and he explained, and started a conversaton, where are you from, da da da, standard. I asked him, he goes India, I was like ooooh, my grandmother was born in India. Anyway it was really cool speaking in Spainsh and bonding over the Indian-ness.

I got bored, so started to head towards the bus station, I thought it would be really smart, and I thought I figured out a short cut. I didnt. However, I saw a fast food joint that did…..BURGERS!!!! and FRIED CHICKEN!!!! Yes I know, one year later, I found one. The dude was from Pakistan, and I ordered a chicken Burger meal. It was expensive, it was 5 euros, But So Worth It. So So So Good.

Got the 130 bus home, I got the one that stopped at all the small villages, like literally, but there was quite a few hijabis around, gettting on and off the bus. So there are a few of us around, we are just hidden at the moment. But Soon, we shall take over the world. Mwahahahaha. Ok I’m done.

All in all it was a good day, except I would highly recomend going to Toledo first, then the rest of Spain, because its not as good otherwise.

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