Day 333 – 03.06.2012 – Corazon 2012/ Mawlood de Imam Ali

So about a week ago, I get a message saying that there is a game at Santiago Bernabau, Verteran Real Madrid players against Veteran Manchester United players. I checked the prices of the tickets and it was only 10 euros! Absolute bargain for aweosome seats. I sat on the bottom, 2nd row. So I could actually see everything without squinting. It was incredible. Like actually.

Lets start from the beginning and add some Musings…
Was at Gregs metro station, and there was a random hijabi, of course I gave her The Nod, and a silent Salam. She replied. We have a connection, a mutual hijabi understanding.

The metro was rammed, like actually, it was just full, even though this wasnt even a proper game. Anyway got to Bernabau stadium, and the only time people take the stairs is on game day. And this line is deep underground, thats my exercise done for the next month…

So I saw Zidane, Figo, Sheringham, Cole, Van der Sar. You know…Casually. :p

At the beginnning they had these parachuter people, come down and land on the pitch and they were carrying the Manu, Spanish, and Real Madrid flag. The fans went crazy when the Real Madrid flag landed.

Anyway, there was an event at IE starting at 8pm for the Mawlood of Imam Ali. Kick off was supposed to be at 7.15. It didnt, i started at 7.25. So I left 20 mins into the game to get to IE in time. Proper attracting attention, but lets be honest…life goes on.

So IE was really good. People proper say salaam to me, and know who I am, was chilling with my friends. Speaking (broken) Spanish. They were family, it was Home. Best Mawlood ever. Partly because I went in Kswisses, Africa trousers, and a dress top. Mwahahahah, no churidar. mwahahahahaha.

All I can say is…Alhamdullilah.

You are the father of Qamr Bani Hashim, so why shouldnt the moon light up on your night

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