Day 300 – 29.04.2012 – Day 300. Nuff Said.

So in honour of the 300th day of me being in Madrid, or in Spain in general, this is a Post.

Ok so I think I should write more than that, but what to write…

Firstly, (ok I think this is going to sound like a speech), I would like to thank (oh it So sounds like a speech), the one, the only…..God. God is an absolute Legend, and I appreciate everything He has done for me. Everything I have done this year, and I couldnt have done it without him. From the trips I have gone on, to the people I have met, to the general Madrid Times, Allah (saw) is surely the guiding me this year.

Secondly, I would like to thank my parents, for just being so Awesome. I mean there are really no words to thank you. But thank you. (PS. I hope you like your birthday present, I apologise it was a joint present, but you know… ‘Sharing is Caring’ :p)

So on Tuesday and Wednesday its bank holiday (yes i know, once again), and I have taken Monday off, so therfore its a 5 day holiday. Woop.Pee.Doo. We were going to go travelling, but it wasnt meant to be, I cant complaing, having a 5 day Jamming session at home. Reminds me of uni…

Finished season 1 of 24 yesterday, that was a Sound season, too many twists. Solid Series.

Bare having Interfaith discussion on Sametime. (Shi’i vs Catholic), the questions are never ending…

I’m so happy God gave me inspiration (or Wah’y as I like to call it :p) to create this blog, once I leave here, there shall be no more posts, but I would like to think I will go back and read it, a fair few years down the line.

Sorting out my stuff, I realised I have accumulated a lot of stuff this past year. Most in the form of souvenier type things. Let me explain, its all random brochures or leaflets or maps or postcards, that I have kept in order to make a scrapbook once I get back.

So you may wonder what I do, as in while I ‘Jam’ so to speak. My other Blog is going Alhamdullilah quite well, and I have been using GIMP (free photoshop) to create some stuff. See below.


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